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JVC Intros Posh Noise-Canceling Headphones

JVC Intros Posh Noise-Canceling Headphones

Many people who have succumbed to the temptation of noise canceling headphones can give an opinion about how effective the noise-reduction technologies can be: suffice to say some are more effective than others. But one thing the majority of users seem to agree on: as far as audio quality goes, noise-canceling headphones usually aren’t anything special, and sometimes they’re downright terrible.

JVC aims to change that with its new top-of-the-line HA-NC250 noise-canceling headphones. The new cans combine noise-canceling and isolation technology with what JVC promises is outstanding sound quality in order to provide an outstanding listening experience.

According to JVC, the HA-NC250s can eliminate up to 85 percent of extraneous background noise using just noise-cancellation circuitry (which basically works by using a microphone to detect outside sound, then using active interference technologies to cancel them out). JVC takes the notion further, though, by using double housing structure to offer an additional sound insulation layer, and employing a new method for attaching the headphones’ memory foam ear pads. The result is that the headphones get pretty decent isolation even with the noise canceling technology turned off.

The phones feature a 40mm neodymium drive in each earpiece, run off a single AAA battery, and fold flat for transport. The cans cans ship with a four-foot detachable cord, a carrying case, and adapters for use on airlines, and a 1/4-inch adapter for use with home or professional audio gear.

JVC says the HA-NC250s will ship in August with a suggested price of $199.95.

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