JVC’s new Kaboom boom boxes sport guitar input

JVC Kaboom

Audio gear maker JVC has updated its Kaboom line of boomboxes to better protect user’s iPods—and let them jam along to their favorite tunes, if they like. The RV-NB70 Kaboom sports 40 watts of power, standard boombox features like an FM tuner and CD player, along with an iPod dock and support for USB mass storage—and still rocks the Kaboom’s totally tubular design.

JVC rolled out its homage to its old-school Kaboom boombox back at CES in 2010, and the new feature adds to its capabilities with a new sealing door on the iPod dock that keeps the iPod safe from dust and moisture. As before, the Kabooms feature a CD player, FM tuner, support for MP3/WMA playback from USB mass storage devices, and new bass enhancement circuitry makes sure audiences can feel music as well as hear it. The unit sports 40 watts of power, and—new for 2011—a guitar/mic input with a separate level control that enables users to sing/MC/rap along with their favorite tunes, or plus in an instrument or play along. That might not be the best idea in the world for entertaining friends—face it, you don’t sound as good in real life as you do in the shower—but could be a lot of fun for students learning how to play along with their favorite tunes.

The Kaboom still features 3 and 3/16th-inch drivers and 5 1/8-inch woofers, along with a shoulder strap for portability. It weighs 15 pounds and it’ll even run on batteries—10 D cells—as well as DC power. JVC also includes a remote control.

The JVC RV-NB70 Kaboom is available now for $299.95.