Kanguru Unveils 64 GB Flash Drive

Kanguru has taken the wraps off the Kanguru Flash Drive Max, a new USB 2.0-compatible flash-based drive offering up to 64 GB of storage capacity in an aluminum casing weighing just 18 grams just a little larger than a stick of gum.

The Flash Drive Max coms with the KanguruShield security software which enables Windows users to password-protect the drive’s contents, as well as resize and format the drive space into separate public and private filespace partitions. While the KanguruShield software only runs under Windows, the drive itself can be used with Mac and Linux systems.

Ready for some sticker shock? Pricing for the 64 GB Flash Drive Max starts at $799.95.

At that price, maybe check out Kanguru’s Flash Drive: it’s a little lighter (13 grams) and only stores 8 GB, but it’s USB 2.0-compatible, comes with the same KanguruShield software (if you care), and pricing starts at a much less shocking $32.95.