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Keep Going with APC’s Mobile Power Pack

American Power Conversion, perhaps best known for their power regulation and backup products for individuals and businesses, have announced its new UPB10 Mobile Power Pack, a lithium polymer battery pack smaller than a deck of cards which can be used to provide additional power to portable electronic devices whose own built-in batteries aren’t carrying enough juice.

“Mobile device users continuously face the risk of running out of power. With the increasing dependence on these devices for work and play, the need for power is vital,” said Joe Loberti, general manager of APC’s Consumer Network Solutions group. “APC has built upon its expertise in power availability and protection to create the Mobile Power Pack. Consumers can rely on this rechargeable battery to keep their essential mobile devices operating long after an internal battery would have run out of power.”

The Mobile Power Pack includes an AC to USB power adapter and a USB to Mini-B power cable, so the device can be used to charge most portable devices via USB, including mobile phones, smart phones, portable music and video players, and portable gaming systems. APC, of course, recommends charging via its own USB Charging Cables (sold separately!) but the device maker’s own USB cables should work too. According to APC, the Mobile Power Pack can offer up to 55 hours more music playback time for devices like the iPod nano, 8 to 10 hours of email and talk time for smartphones like a BlackBerry or Palm Treo. The unit weighs just over three ounces, and comes in black with a one-year warranty. The Mobile Power Pack is available in North American markets for an estimated price of $69.99.

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