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Kensington Power Booster

Kensington Power BoosterPerhaps you’re in love with the idea of charging gadgets on the go with Callpod’s Fuel Tank, but the idea of carrying around a hulking lithium-ion battery “just in case” doesn’t sit so well with you. If you’re just looking for an emergency shot in the arm for your all-important Blackberry, the smaller Rechargeable Pocket Booster for mobile phones might be just the ticket.

Like the Fuel Tank, the Pocket Booster will juice up your mobile phone without an outlet, but it feeds off two standard AAA batteries rather than an internal lithium-ion version. This design allows you to remove the charged cells to power other portable devices like wireless mice and cameras, and even carry spares in case of extended runs away from an outlet.

Kensington says the Booster will deliver up to three hours of extended talk time on a mobile phone, but that figure will vary with different types of phones (for the geeks out there who want tocompare it with their cell phone batteries, it stores 800 mAh of charge.) The unit includes a mini-USB cable to charge many common types of phones, and it also has a standard USB connector forcharging off of larger devices, like your notebook computer. The Kensington Pocket Booster for mobile phones is available immediately for a rather reasonable $25, which includes the NiMH batteries.More information can be found on Kensington’s product page.

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