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Know your tire pressure at a glance with this clever valve stem cap

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Common wisdom says that drivers should check their tire pressure at least once a month, but how many of us actually do? Most people are well aware that low-pressure tires make cars more dangerous and considerably less efficient, but for some reason the risk doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble of bending over and inspecting all four tires. 

To help remedy this problem and make the road a safer place for everyone, John Milanovich developed RightPSI: a small, color-coded pressure gauge that replaces the cap on your tire valve stem. Once it’s on there, it passively monitors your tire pressure at all times. As you drive and your tires slowly depressurize over time, the pressure-sensitive gauge will change color to let you know your tire is low – thereby eliminating the need to dig your pressure gauge out of the glovebox and hunker down around each of your wheels.

When a given tire is too low, the color coded ring will turn red. When your pressure is too high, it’ll turn yellow. And when everything’s just right, the indicator goes black and disappears. This brilliant design ensures you won’t even notice the cap until something’s wrong – it works quietly in the background and stays out of the way until it’s needed. 

Milanovich has been developing RightPSI for years, and now that it’s finally ready, he’s turned to Kickstarter to help jumpstart mass production. To launch, he and his team  are seeking $20K to pay for tooling costs and materials, and just one day after launch, they’re only $3K shy of reaching that goal. For a pledge of just $25 bucks, you can lock down a set of four RightPSI caps and get them as soon as they come off the line. 

Check out Kickstarter for more details.

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