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Kohler Numi: a ‘smart toilet’ with speakers and a touchscreen remote


Finally, a toilet that’s fancy enough to put in the main room of your glass palace overlooking the city. The Kohler Numi is a new “smart toilet” that provides the ultimate in comfort and amenities.

Picture this: you walk up to your Numi, which illuminates in the dark. The lid and seat automatically open and adjust to your height. As you sit down, the Numi gently warms the ground under your feet with its floor-level vents. Feeling a little frisky, you activate the retractable bidet, which has three settings and is self-cleaning. After your water adventure, an integrated air dryer gently dries you off where it matters most.


As you begin your business, you quickly notice that there is no smell thanks to the Kohler Numi’s built-in deodorizer, which uses a charcoal filter to eliminate even the nastiest of scents. But you’re bored, so you pick up the touchscreen remote control from its magnetic docking station. The control lets you control everything about the toilet, and make a profile for yourself so that the Numi knows just how you like things and if you’ll need a full flush or an “eco flush.”

Using the control, you navigate to music, which lets you listen to tunes on the Numi’s built-in rear speakers. The toilet comes with pre-programmed audio and FM radio, but you choose to hook up your MP3 player (or smartphone) using the audio input jack. And so you sit back and relax to the soothing tunes of Rebecca Black. For you, it’s Friday.

When you’re finished, you leave as the Numi flushes itself oh so quietly.

The barrier between you and this dream is $6,400. That’s how much the Numi will run you when it becomes available (U.S.) at the end of this month. If you’d like to learn more, head to Kohler’s Numi site. We recommend watching the video.

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