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Logitech Offers Harmony Remote for DVRs

Logitech Offers Harmony Remote for DVRs

Logitech has fleshed out the mid-range of its Harmony line of universal remote controls out its new Harmony 670, which features new one-touch activity buttons designed to control digital video recorders like the ever-popular TiVo.

“When we designed our new remote, we paid close attention to the success of the Harmony 659 and the features that made it popular,” said Bryan McLeod, Loitech’s VP of remote control products, in a statement. “We enhanced those features, such as making the color-coded one-touch activity buttons slightly larger, and updated the button layout to reflect the trends in today’s living room.”

The color-coded activity buttons—Watch TV, Listen to Music, Watch Movie—are intended to make it easy for any familiar member to select and control entertainment devices. When selected, the Harmony automatically changes all the system inputs and powers up the devices needed for the selected activity. The Harmony 670 also puts DVR buttons in a central location, with essential buttons like record, pause, advance, rewind, and skip surrounding the directional pad.

The Harmony 670 also features a backlighted keypad and an LCD display so users can add custom activities and controls, and the revised Harmony software simplified the process of downloading infrared codes via the Internet from what Logitech claims is the world’s largest database of AV control data (accounting for more than 175,000 devices from 5,000 manufacturers).

The Harmony 670 is available in the U.S. now for a suggested price of $149.99.

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