M-Edge Unveils ‘The Guardian,’ Waterproof Kindle Case


EReader accessory maker M-Edge wants to make your Kindle a little safer next time you bring it poolside with you—and no, it’s not a tiny orange life vest. M-Edge Accessories announced its latest creation—the Guardian Case—a waterproof case for your Amazon Kindle. When M-Edge says “waterproof,” they mean it. The Guardian Case will completely protect the device in all water environments up to 1 meter deep—so still no deep sea diving with your Kindle, sorry.

Guardian-caseThe company says the Guardian has a secure, watertight seal around Kindle by “utilizing a dual-hinge, integrated gasket and four-latch closure system,” while three internal buoyancy chambers provide keep Kindle afloat and upright for in-water reading. Since the Guardian floats upright, M-Edge suggests reading hands-free while wading in the water. Why? Well, because now you can so why not. The Guardian Case also allows for full functionality of Kindle’s navigation buttons and keyboard through its flexible sealed button cutouts.

“The Guardian allows Kindle owners to read where they love to read: on vacation, at the pool, in the spa, in the tub,” says Patrick Mish, CEO of M-Edge Accessories. “Our customers have been searching for a way to bring eReading to the places they wouldn’t think twice about bringing a book. The Guardian Case provides this flexibility and is a terrific example of how M-Edge continuously works to deliver innovative accessories that meet the needs of readers, no matter where they choose to read.”

The Guardian Case comes in six vibrant colors and will be available for purchase in Spring 2010.