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Marshall Minor earbuds head out on tour

Last December guitar amp-maker Marshall announced it would be offering both over-year and earbud headphones, dubbed Major and Minor—and now the lightweight Minor earbuds are finally available. aiming to give guitar and music fans a solid listening experience that works with the mobile phones and other devices and doesn’t involve carrying around bulky, heavy headphones.

The Marshall Minor earbuds feature a 1.54mm drive and claim a dynamic response of 115 db (±3db) at 1KHz and 1mW—and that’s much closer to the threshold of pain than any audiologist in their right mind would permit. The earbuds have a frequency response from 20 to 20KHz, and a maximum input power of 5mW. While the earphones ship with a nuetral adapter for working with standard electronic gear, they also feature a built-in microphone and remote for use with mobile phones and MP3 players (including the iPhone, BlackBerries, and phones from many other makers). The Minors also have a tangle-resistant fabric cord, and ship with four different-sized earpads (small through extra-large)—and while they look like leather, they’re not. The earbuds are also nickel-free, handy for folks who have nickel allergies.

The Marshall Minor earbuds have a suggested retail price of $59. We’re still waiting to see if Augmented and Diminished models are coming…or, perhaps future models will tap into famous Marshall amp users like Jimi Hendrix and go with a name like E7#9.

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