MotoPogo is basically the bastard child of a Segway and a unicycle

Imagine for a moment that there exists an alternate universe where it’s possible for inanimate objects to not only reproduce, but also cross breed between species. Got it? OK, now imagine that inside of this universe, a unicycle somehow managed to bump uglies with a Segway. If this theoretical situation were real, I have absolutely no doubt that the resulting offspring would be MotoPogo.

Freshly launched on Kickstarter, this strange new rideable device is basically a perfect hybrid of the two devices. Seriously — go make yourself a Punnett Square. Put a regular pedal-powered unicycle on one axis, and a Segway on the other, and the predicted outcome will have pretty much all the same traits that MotoPogo has. It’s electric, it’s got one wheel, and it will most definitely be ridden by Kevin James in the next installment of Paul Blart: Mall Cop — but i’ll be damned if I don’t have an overwhelming urge to take it for a spin.

All joking aside, MotoPogo pretty much has all the best traits of both its parents. To move forward or backward, all you need to do is lean in the desired direction and MotoPogo’s 60V 500W hub motor will accelerate you that way. While you’re riding (and also while you’re not), internal gyroscopes keep the machine stable and help prevent you from falling over. And because it’s got so much space in that big ol’ wheel its sitting on, it’s got enough battery life to zip keep you going for about 18 miles — at a top speed of 25, no less.

Now, to be fair, MotoPogo definitely isn’t the first mono-wheel ridable gizmo we’ve ever encountered. Ryno Motors makes a similar (and far less dorky-looking) mono-cycle, and the OneWheel is essentially the same concept built into a skateboard deck — but that’s not to say that MotoPogo doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s got a few unique features that help set it apart from the pack.

For starters, it’s considerably more compact than the small-but-still-kinda-beefy Ryno. Weighing in at just over 60 pounds and measuring about three feet at its longest point, you could easily bring MotoPogo onto a subway train, or toss it in the trunk of your car. It’s also got few clever features that make traversing urban environments easier — like a climber mode that’ll help you take it up a flight of stairs.

The project has already surpassed its modest $8,112 funding goal on Kickstarter, and manufacturing is currently underway. You’ll need to dish out about $1,750 to get your hands on one, but you won’t have to wait long if you do — the creators expect to begin shipping this August.

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