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MSI MegaStick 256 MP3 Player Review

Quote from the review:

“MSI, like ASUS, has the size and manufacturing capacity to branch out into other markets, and one the company recently entered is the portable MP3 player market. Not everyone can afford an Ipod and for many they are too bulky, so a few months back MSI released their Mega Stick 256, a 256MB MP3 player a little larger than a standard USB key. With ‘5 in 1’ capability, the MSI Mega Stick 256 is an MP3 player, USB Flash Disk, FM radio tuner, FM radio recorder, and voice recorder; priced at around $85 shipped to your doorstep. So today we’ll be taking a closer look at MSI’s venture into the consumer electronic space, and after using the Mega Stick 256 for about a month, we’ve got some interesting information to share with you. “

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