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New double-decker hybrid bus prototype hits the foggy streets of London

It looks like our friends across the pond may be getting a stylish new fleet of double-decker buses to replace the iconic red public chariots that occupy the busy streets of London, England. Having recently hit the streets, the new hybrid double-decker is the work of designer Thomas Heatherwick in collaboration with specialist bus manufacturer Wrightbus. The newly revamped bus combines a modern form with some inspiration from the 1950’s era Routemasters that were quite popular among commuters of England’s bustling capital. In fact, this is the first time in over 50 years that the Transport for London has commissioned a new bus built specially for the city.

The new hybrid bus features a host of modern updates aimed at providing both a comfortable travel experience and an aesthetically pleasing design. The rear of the new bus features an open platform for passengers to board on and off quickly and easily, and in addition incorporates a double staircase to make boarding on and off the bus just as straightforward. Passengers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the redesign, though – drivers of the new buses will also gain a better view of the curb thanks to the asymmetrical front window, with a long panel arching panel that also allows for better penetration of light and increased visibility.

Of course, not content with simply being stylish, the newly designed bus is also eco-friendly. Looking at the numbers, the newly designed double-decker is 15% more efficient than existing hybrid buses and 40% more efficient than conventional diesel double-deckers.

With big cities such as London attracting a large amount of inhabitants that rely on public transportation, it’s definitely nice to see the city looking to make commuting much more enjoyable, efficient and environmentally conscious. Jolly good, London. 

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