NHJ MPM-201 Portable Media Player Review

Quote from the review:

“Compared to the AV420, the MPM comes with some nice extras (+10GB, SD slot, CF type II compatability, higher-resolution screen and playback) for at least $50 less. It’s thicker, and may have less sex-appeal, but you get a lot more for your money.

The MPM-201 (30gb) and 202 (60GB, black, +$100) share the exact same specs and dimensions. The MPM-202 costs about $50 more than the AV420 but that buys you 3 times the capacity. Plus, tightsystems.com has free shipping and they also toss in a spare battery for free (worth $25). With batteries for the AV420 costing $45, a similiar package puts the price of the AV420 at nearly the same as the MPM-202! “

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