Nixon Pumps up Headphone Line

Nixon Master Blaster Headphones

Luxury watchmaker Nixon will soon join the fray of companies offering fashionable, high-end headphones when it launches its own new line in December. The company announced three brand new models to establish the line last week.

Nixon’s headphones will consist of the MasterBlaster, an over-ear studio headphone, the Nomadic, an on-ear travel headphone, and the Wire, an in-ear headphone. True to the company’s watch-making legacy, all three models will feature prominent stainless steel highlights, and come in a variety of colors.

Though we know the headphones will be available later in December, pricing information remains somewhat vague. Nixon has only announced that the entire line will run between $40 and $200. The company has also brought a number of celebrities onboard, from pro skater Andrew Reynolds to rapper Mos Def, to promote the new line.