The Numi solar backpack gives travelers security, and a lot of power

Belgium-based Elaha Rafie traveled in Thailand last year and had a great time. However, “it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows,” Rafie said, as along the way her wallet got stolen, her gadgets’ batteries died at inopportune moments, and organizing all her belongings in her backpack “was a nightmare.”

The experience inspired her to create a backpack that will ensure your devices stay safe and always powered up, while keeping you organized wherever you go on your travels. And it’s already attracting serious interest on Kickstarter.

The Numi is a smart 20- or 30-liter backpack that incorporates a 7-watt solar panel to power an 11,000mAh or 22,000mAh battery pack, with two integrated USB 3.0 ports ensuring your smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets are always ready to use. An easy-to-reach smartphone holder allows you to quickly grab your handset at any time, while other holders are built-in for sunglasses and a water bottle.

The smart backpack includes hidden zippers to give would-be thieves a hard time, and five hidden compartments inside and out, offering you greater peace of mind when you’re on the road. The larger bag also includes a separate, detachable compartment for your camera or similarly shaped device (or your lunch!), as well as a detachable waterproof clothing sleeve for your clothes, whether freshly laundered or reeking of the previous day’s adventure.

You’ll find a removable laptop sleeve, too, so you can travel a little lighter by detaching it if you decide not to take your computer with you. The Numi is also water repellent, but an included rain cover will make sure your stuff stays protected if you’re caught in a particularly heavy storm.

Rafie has clearly been careful to think about what’s important when you’re on the road, the result being a stylish-looking bag that aims for a more efficient and safer travel experience.

The Numi quickly reached its funding target of 20,000 euros (about $23,300), and aims to ship in December, 2017. Early-bird backers can pre-order a 20-liter Numi for just 129 euros (about $150) with the 11,000mAh battery pack, or 159 euros (about $185) for the 30-liter version with a more powerful 22,000mAh battery pack.

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