One remote to rule them all: Bridge universal remote gives you near limitless control over all your home theater devices

Many devices on the market today claim to be your one-stop solution to all your digital needs, but perhaps the worst offender of them all is the “universal” remote. Controlling the multitude of IR-based home devices isn’t always easy or elegant. You roll the dice and take a chance on a popular brand of universal remote only to come up short with what it can actually do. Luckily, a solution to this problem is being devised in the form of the Bridge.

Looking to uh, bridge that gap between your less than satisfactory standard universal remote and your world conquering super controller is a Kickstarter listed device known as the Bridge. The Bridge is designed to truly command all your IR-based home theater devices.

Unlike most slim wand-based devices, the Bridge’s design mirrors more closely that of a videogame controller than traditional remote. It seeks to blend a full backlit QWERTY keyboard, mouse, and universal remote all in one. 

Sadly the team behind the Bridge are still in development stage, but a $65 pledge will help get them going and snag you a Bridge of your own  — the sooner we can all rid ourselves of our ever-growing remote collections the better.