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Oprah Comes to XM Radio Today

The new "Oprah & Friends" channel will feature a broad range of talk programming including callers that can phone in to the show. XM Satellite will have exclusivety to the channel for now.

Some of the guest appearances will include: Donald Trump, Julia Louis- Dreyfus, Annette Bening, Jon Bon Jovi, Nora Ephron, Carnie Wilson, Norman Lear, The New York Times’ columnist Thomas Friedman, former presidential candidate Sen. Dennis Kucinich, and others.

"XM’s more than seven million subscribers will now benefit from Oprah Winfrey’s unparalleled track record of creating programming that entertains, informs and inspires," said Hugh Panero, CEO, XM Satellite Radio. "The shows heard on the ‘Oprah & Friends’ channel reflect XM and Harpo’s shared commitment to engaging audiences by creating personal connections with listeners."

Howard Stern has helped propel Sirius Satellite Radio’s subscriber base by more than a million since he left regular radio. XM Satellite hopes that Oprah & Friends will do the same.

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