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Panasonic MP3 Players: 75 Hours of Tunes

Panasonic may not be known as a style leader in the MP3 player market, but every now and again the company makes a claim which makes consumers look twice at their products. Case in point: Panasonic’s SV-MP MP3 players which boast 1 and 2 GB capacities, are available in some semi-fashionable colors, and claim to offer to up 75 hours of playback time on a single AA battery.

Available in two capacities (1 GB and 2 GB) at two price points ($99.95 and $149.95), the units are just under three inches wide, just over 1 inch tall and deep, support MP3 and WMA playback (and is PlaysForSure compatible), and boasts a 2-line backlit LCD for viewing track information and managing playback. Users put tuneson the units via drag-and-drop file transfer over USB. Both the 1 and 2 GB models are available in white; the 1 GB model is also available in pink, while a blue version of the 2 GB unit is also for sale. The units also offer digital EQs (with genre presets) and audio processing to boost bass and minimize distortion.

Model numbers vary by capacity and color. Panasonic is careful to note that batter life will vary depending on conditions of use, but

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