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Philips intro’s HDD100 Audio Jukebox

This new portable hard disc device enables consumers to have thousands of songs available on demand to suit any mood, situation or activity.

The HDD100 offers a 15GB storage capacity, storing around 3000 songs, equivalent to more than a week of music. The HDD100’s hard disk can be used to store much more than audio. The PC-based software supplied with the HDD100 allows users to download standard graphic equalizer settings such as Rock, Pop, Jazz and Classic to the HDD100, or create new equalizer names and settings to suit their own listening preferences.

The large display gives clear, high-contrast light even in bright outdoor conditions, and also has a white LED backlight for use in dark areas like clubs. The LED display has a clear hardened glass lens that makes it scratch resistant, and the full magnesium body makes Recording Audio Jukebox HDD 100, with it’s 167g, the lightest and the smallest of its type.

Always the right music
The HDD100 Recording Audio Jukebox can store a complete library of songs, enabling the consumer to access them easily wherever and whenever required. Over 3000 MP3 or 6000 WMA files can be stored simultaneously on the device so there is no need to constantly remove tracks to make space for new ones.

The HDD100 compliments its storage possibilities with high-speed data transfer. By incorporating the super fast USB2.0 music and other files can be downloaded quickly from the PC. Users can record using analogue or digital connections, and even use the built-in microphone for recording speech.

Simple navigation
The Recording Audio Jukebox makes it easy to select a particular song with the Philips SuperscrollTM navigation interface. The buttons used to scroll through tracks have two-step functionality. Pressing either the ‘up’ or ‘down’ button for longer activates a scroll accelerator (patent pending) that allows faster navigation through the list of stored songs.

Tracks can also be categorized by genre, for instance ‘rock’, ‘hip-hop’, ‘classical’ or ‘dance’, which makes it much easier to find a certain type of song to suit the occasion. The user can customize these categories, which can be linked to present and future recordings in a particular genre. They are also linked to equalizer settings, so the most appropriate tone is automatically selected for each different genre.

Philips Recording Audio Jukebox offers a considerable amount of music power between recharges. Up to 10 hours of playback is possible from a single rechargeable Li-Ion battery and offers 15 GB of storage capacity. In addition to being used as portable jukeboxes, they can also function as miniature removable PC hard discs, allowing easy transfer of large amounts of data between computers.

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