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Philips Updates GoGear MP3 Players

Philips has unveiled two new additions to its flash-based GoGear portable jukeboxes, the SA9100 and SA9200. Both players feature backlit sensory touchpads and Philips’ own SuperScroll system of touch-sensitive strips to navigate through menus and music collections. The SA91000 offers a 1 GB capacity; the SA92000 offers 2 GB of flash storage.

The players support MP3 and WMA format (and sport PlaysForSure compatibility, but remain incompatible with music purchased from Apple’s iTunes service), as well as JPEG images on the built-in LCD display. The units also sport a built-in FM tuner, and a voice recorder for quick notes or simply personalizing the players as gifts. According to Philips, the units can be charged via USB and offer up to 14 hours of music play time between charges.

“Philips’ GoGear jukeboxes free consumers to embrace the mobile lifestyle,” said Scott Levitan, Philips Consumer Electronics senior VP of marketing and sales for North America. “Featuring a sleek, compact design that easily fits into a pocket or purse, the new players enable busy shoppers and traveling loved-ones to simply carry their holiday tunes with them wherever they go. The intuitive interface allows users to control their music with the slightest touch, making the music search process completely natural.”

The SA9100 will be priced at $149 and will be available in September; the SA9200 will be available in August at $199.

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