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Pictures: Nendo’s quirky and brilliant line of electronic accessories from Japan

Let’s face it, while electronic accessories can be “neat or “cool” they never really teeter on the edge of brilliance or artistic, until now…

Nendo’s line of electronic accessories are all that and more, from the origami inspired Orime laser mouse, to the Kasane mouse which resembles papers scattered on top of one another to the simple yet elegant Ringak mouse, all carrying their own personality and appeal. Perhaps the most utilitarian (and appropriately named) accessory found in the collection is the DATA Hook, a small clip-like hanging USB flash drive. But of course, it wouldn’t be right without some creative monument adorning your desk, the eccentric and charming Jaguchi (“tap’ in Japanese) is a smartphone stand made to look like a running spigot. Finally, the colorful and adorable ear buds Otokurage round out this brilliant line of accessories from the land of the rising sun.

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