Pioneer Pumps Out New Over-Ear Headphones

Pioneer Electronics has announced two new lines of over-the-ear headphones for music fans: a DJ-Inspired line that takes cues from DJ culture and offers some bold looks, while the Core Audio line offers over-the-ear sound quality with an emphasis on portability…and some earbuds too, for folks who won’t want to wear bulky cans.

pioneer pumps out new over ear headphones dj inspired  july 2010

“Pioneer has been the brand of choice by professional DJs for more than 15 years,” said Pioneer Electronics home entertainment marketing and product planning exec Scott Sablan, in a statement. “In response to a broadened consumer interest in DJs and club culture, we saw the need for affordable and stylistically similar headphones to our highly regarded professional models.”

The DJ-Inspired line features four models—all feature 40mm drivers and 103 to 105db sensitivity. The SE-MJ5 “ōM” can handle 1500mW input and sport interchangeable velour and “leather-type” ear pads, along with a folding design. The SE-MJ71 Steel Wheels sport aluminum, gold, or black finishes and can handle 1200mW of input. The SE-MJ31 Loop headphones come in black, red, or violet and can handle up to 1000mW, while the SE-MJ21 EQ models target female music fans with white and pink colors styles (solid white and solid black also available), with 103 sensitivity and max input power of 500 mW. The DJ-Inspired line should ship in August; pre-orders are available now, with pricing ranging from $89 for the ōMs to $59 for the EQs.

The Core Audio line features the SE-M290 over-ear style headphones for $44, featuring velour ear pads, 40mm drivers, a 3.5m cable, and a frequency response from 5Hz all the way to 25kHz, along with max input power of 1200mW. The Core Audio line will also feature a pair of earbud-style headphones with interchangeable colored sleeves that’ll ship for $19 and $24 in September.

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