Pioneer SE-CL331 earbuds keep music in, water out

Pioneer SE-CL331 water resistant earbuds

Pioneer Electronics has announced a new series of water resistant earbuds aimed at folks who spend time in the great outdoors and lead active lifestyles where humidity, moisture, and sweat can quickly take a toll on headphones. The new SE-CL331 earbuds feature a water resistant design so users can easily rinse off the earbuds and make them good as new.

“We’ve designed the new SE-CL331 headphones to be extremely versatile for use with many types of physical activity, providing not only comfort and durability, but the excellent sound quality consumers expect from a Pioneer product,” said Pioneer Electronics’ director of AV marketing Chris Walker, in a statement.

The CL331s will come with four interchangeable ear tips (ranging from extra-small to large) designed to block outside noise so users can focus on their music. The earbuds will come with a long 46-inch cord for easy use with backpacks, coats, and other places to stash a media player, along with an L-type connector to help avoid stress and snags on a headphone jack. Pioneer says the earbuds feature solid bass performance and are certified IPX5 and IPX7 water resistant.

The SE-CL331 earbuds should be available in July for a suggested price of $59; they’ll be offered in yellow, blue, white, and pink, and come with a carrying pouch.