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Polk I-Sonic

It plays analog and high definition audio. It works with AM, FM and XM. It supports DVD video. All of this in a compact andstylish design. What are we talking about here? The upcoming Polk Audio I-Sonic.   As described by Polk, the desktop I-Sonic is an all digital format entertainment system. To start off with, theI-Sonic supports HD Radio, an emerging radio technology which lets AM and FM radio stations broadcast their normally analog signal indigital stereo instead, reaching a listening quality near that of CD for FM broadcasts and FM quality sound for AM broadcasts. HD Radioalso displays song information on the I-Sonic’s display screen and has a feature called multicasting, which allows a radio station to broadcast multiple programs on the same frequency.  Beyond HD Radio, the I-Sonic also supports XM Satellite Radio andit’s over 170 channels of music, sports, talk and entertainment through the installation of an optional XM antenna and aXM subscription. For those seeking more basic broadcast options, the I-Sonic also supports traditional AM and FM radio stations,with the option to store up to 30 radio presets mixed amongst AM, FM and XM. Polk Audio I-Sonic
Polk Audio I-Sonic with Remote The I-Sonic also offers as entertainment features a built-in DVD player and connections for supporting portable audio devices. The DVD player feature,complete with RCA and S-Video output, allow you to connect the I-Sonic to a home entertainment system so you can play regular DVDs, music CDs, MP3 CDs and picture CDs, among others. You can connectportable audio devices such as an iPod through either a stereo mini jack (headphone output typically) or dual RCA jacks (docking stationoutput typically).

All of these audio listening options would of course mean nothing if the sound system they were attached to was poor. Polk Audio has of course thrown their audio expertise into the I-Sonic,developing a system with exclusive technologies to help create a feel of a large speaker system from the small I-Sonic. One technology is a four-speaker design which delivers audio from small, butpowerful front and rear speakers. The other technology, called PowerPort, makes use of bass ports to redirect sound created by the back of the speaker cone into the room. The end result of this isreportedly a richer bass experience.   Polk Audio I-Sonic
Polk Audio I-Sonic Controls These audio technologies are joined by other listening enhancements such as digital signal processing and bass and treble controls. Also added into thefeature mix are a headphone jack for more private listening, a remote control, compact dimensions of 14.5” x 9.75” x 4.75” and a dual-alarm clock radio with controllable alarmvolume.   More information on the Polk I-Audio, priced at $599 and due out in August, can be found at Polk Audio’s Web site.

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