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PowerCinema 4 Goes UPnP

PowerCinema is the remote-controlled PC software to carry the UPnP logo for both MediaServer and MediaRenderer. The UPnP logo gives users the assurance that PowerCinema supports total interoperability between UPnP devices and PowerCinema, offering the freedom to share data between appliances anywhere within the Digital Home.

The UPnP-ready PowerCinema can operate as both a MediaServer and MediaRenderer, streaming video, audio, and image content to and from other UPnP devices. PowerCinema is listed as a compatible product on the UIC Certification site at

PowerCinema passed UPnP MediaServer testing for its ability to stream media to other UPnP compliant devices. Certification as a UPnP MediaRenderer endorses PowerCinema’s ability to stream media from other UPnP-compliant devices.

“UPnP certification places CyberLink PowerCinema in the unique position of being the only remote-controlled entertainment platform to carry the UPnP logo for both MediaServer and MediaRenderer capabilities,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “PowerCinema already offers a total entertainment solution, and with UPnP we’ve taken it the next step by enabling the free flow of media between devices in the Digital Home.”

PowerCinema 4 is also a CES Innovations 2005 Awards Honoree and was voted as Buyers’ Choice at Computex 2004. PowerCinema transforms a PC into a comprehensive entertainment center for enjoying TV, DVDs, photos, videos, music, radio, online extras, and DVD burning via remote control. It is also the world’s first standalone Intel(R) NMPR validated media client application.

Major features include:

— 3D user interface

— DTCP-IP compliance for sharing protected content between digital products over a network

— Digital TV/dual tuner and hybrid analog-digital TV tuner card support: TV direct burn, EPG features, and Time-Shifting recording.

— One-click photo retouching and the easy creation of photo slideshows

— Streaming movie services and online games from content providers

— Platform expandability via plug-ins and downloads

— CyberLink Instant-On and Instant-Off technology designed for the Linux version

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