PowerTrekk charges your devices on the go with hydrogen technology

powertrekk charges your devices on the go with hydrogen technology

This handy device is the perfect addition to your outdoor gear or car emergency kit thanks to its off-the-grid charging power and hydrogen technology. The PowerTrekk ($TBA) uses eco-friendly fuel cell technology that offers USB charging in even the most remote places. User must only insert a fuel pack (called a PowerPukk) and add about a tablespoon of water to the water compartment to begin converting the hydrogen to electricity. Unlike solar power, the PowerTrekk can begin charging your device immediately, and users can repeat the process of creating electricity until the fuel cell wears out entirely. The chemical process only emits a small amount of water vapor and the company plans to run a recycling program for the fuel packs. For outdoor enthusiasts who spend extended periods of time off the grid but don’t want to risk having no form of communication, the PowerTrekk will allow charging of cell phones, GPS units, MP3 players, and digital cameras. Even if you don’t hike into the woods every weekend, having this little guy in your car could be a saving grace if you ever got stranded without power. Or it could help keep your camera going to capture every moment of raucous drunk behavior on your camping trip. You know, whichever you need it for first.