Protect Your iPod nano With a Wrapper

Apple today acknowledged that the screen on the new iPod nano is prone to scratches, and while Apple will most likely replace your nano if the screen cracks, you could be out of luck if there are just scratches. I was browsing our news inbox and came across a company in the UK that is selling an iPod nano soft cover that is supposed to help protect against scratches – perfect timing eh?   The company, called Wrappers is selling five covers that are supposedly made out of a technology nanofabric (pun intended?). The covers protect the nano against scratches and fingerprints. The nanofabric features around 200 additional threads when compared to other protective cases, yet the cover is soft to the touch and even machine washable. The designs leave something to be desired in my opinion though, but you may like them!   The five covers cost 16.99 pounds in the UK for the nano and are available now at *Edit: 9/28/05 – Changed the price from $16.99 dollars to pounds

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