PSP Firmware Update Opens T-Mobile Hotspots

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T-Mobile is rolling out the welcome mat to owners of Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) haldheld gaming device, offering six months of free Wi-Fi access from more than 7,000 T-Mobile Hotspot locations. PSP users can get access via Sony’s new version 3.30 firmware update for the PSP; after that, they’ll be able to sign on to T-Mobile wireless networking and play games, surf the Internet, download media, and more—and, even better, T-Mobile Hotspot access is free for six months.

“This new offer enables SCEA to take portable gaming and entertainment to a new level of mobility and convenience for PSP owners,” said Peter Dille, Sony Computer Entertainment America’s senior VP of marketing, in a statement. “With T-Mobile’s service, we’re making it possible for the PSP community to connect in new ways and access the online content they want in more places than ever before. More and more PSP users are going online to challenge each other in multi-player games, and we can now make it more convenient to access online gaming as well as the Internet, showcasing the rich feature set that PSP has to offer.”

To take advantage of the six months free access, PSP users must download and install the PSP 3.30 firmware update; after that, they just log into the T-Mobile Hotspot network by March 28, 2008 (that’s a year from now) to take advantage of the six month promotional period. Once the six months expire, PSP users will be able to purchase a Hotspot subscription at a “special rate,” although no details of the pricing plans have been announced; all Sony has to say is that “details of the post offer will be available from T-Mobile.”

T-Mobile operates more than 7,000 Hotspots in the United States, with location including more than 70 major airports, Borders bookstores, Hyatt Hotels, and numerous Starbucks Coffee locations.

Sony says Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters is the first PSP title to take advantage of the new online access offered by T-Mobile; according to Sony, additional titles supporting access via T-Mobile Hotspot locations will be released throughout 2007.