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Rio Unveils The ce2100 MP3 Player

Sharing the same unique, ultra-slim and tapered design and boasting a battery life of up to 20 hours like the Rio Carbon, the Rio ce2100 features a 2.5GB1 hard disk drive that is capable of holdingup to 40 hours of MP3 (80 hours WMA) music2. Customers now have a choice in the amount of music or audiobooks that can easily slide into their pockets with the Rio ce2100 or the Rio Carbon.Additionally, Rio is also introducing a second color for the Rio Carbon, giving customers the choice of the classic silver version or the new pearl Rio Carbon.

“Rio understands that music players reflect the attitude, personality and status of the customer. The addition of the Rio ce2100 and the pearl Rio Carbon 5GB1 to Rio’s award-winning line of MP3 players, expands the options for customers to choose a player that expresses who they are,” said Dan Torres, VP of Product Marketing at Rio. “Whether it’s a choice between a sophisticated, ultra-thin pearl or silver 5GB MP3 player, a sleek and competitively priced 2.5GB MP3 player, or a rugged and durable flash-based MP3 player for fitness and sports, Rio MP3 players are designed with a variety of lifestyles and budgets in mind to meet consumer demands.”

Rio ce2100

Rio MP3 players are compatible with a host of on-line audio stores such as Napster, Yahoo!, MSN music Audible, eMusic, and more, so customer’s content can be tailored to their individuality.

Availability and Pricing

The pearl Rio Carbon and Rio ce2100 are expected to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2005. The products will be available through retail outlets in both the U.S. and Europe, and at Estimated manufacturers suggested retail price for the Rio ce2100 is $199 while both the silver and pearl Rio Carbon players are $249.

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