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Roku Lisences Technology To OEM’s

Roku today announced that it is making its SoundBridge network music player technology available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for use in consumer electronics products such as audio/video receivers, televisions, radios and music players. Based on Analog Devices’ Blackfin processor and Roku’s award-winning SoundBridge software, the Embedded SoundBridge network music module allows the easy addition of powerful, networked digital music features including Internet radio and digital music playback. Embedded SoundBridge comes in a variety of options so OEMs can select wired or wireless connectivity for their products. Embedded SoundBridge integrates WiFi and 10/100 Ethernet, security keys, and all needed software into one low-cost module.

Embedded SoundBridge is the most compatible network music module supported protocols include Microsoft Windows Media Connect and Windows Media DRM 10 and OpenTalk, UPnP AV, Rhapsody, Internet radio and more. Like Roku’s SoundBridge product line, Embedded SoundBridge supports all major music services, stores and formats for playback of WMA, AAC, MP3, AIFF, WAV and LPCM file formats. Roku Embedded SoundBridge can play any song in WMA format, including protected WMA content from music services like Real Networks’ Rhapsody, Napster, MSN Music, Musicmatch and OEMs who choose Embedded SoundBridge also get Microsoft PlaysForSure verification, giving consumers an easy way to identify compatible devices and online stores that work together.

“Roku builds the best network music player which makes the core technology naturally attractive to OEMs in the market,” said Rob Enderle, principal analyst for the Enderle Group. “It’s hard to beat inexpensive, easy to use and innovative, which is what makes Embedded SoundBridge one of the most interesting platforms to watch at CES and for the remainder of the year.”

“Our SoundBridge product line has received numerous accolades from consumers and the industry for its ease of use and compatibility with all digital music services and formats,” said Roku Founder and Chief Executive Officer Anthony Wood. “Now, SoundBridge’s proven technology is available for OEMs who want to integrate digital music features into their own products, with an easy-to-use module.”

By issuing commands to Embedded SoundBridge over a serial bus, any consumer electronics product can play Internet radio or digital music over a home network. Embedded SoundBridge handles the complicated work behind the scenes with its embedded and powerful network music processor. Embedded SoundBridge distills complicated tasks such as WiFi certification, WiFi drivers, support for multiple server types, digital rights management, compatibility testing, and internet radio to a simple set of serial commands. The flexibility of this approach allows an OEM to create a fully custom user interface if they wish, or use Embedded SoundBridge’s built-in user interface primitives.

“Digital music, Internet radio, and music streaming are quickly becoming standard features in consumer electronics products from digital media adaptors to audio/video receivers,” said John Croteau, general manager, Media Platforms and Services group, Analog Devices. “Built on our Blackfin processor, Roku’s Embedded SoundBridge offers consumer OEMs a cost-effective solution with field-proven interoperability for PCs, home networks and Internet music services.”

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