Rotaliana MultiBook

For every new gadget and gizmo, it seems as if there’s inevitably an accompanying tangle of chargers, adapters and cables to go along with it. Whether they end up in drawers, shoe boxes, or bins, the electro-clutter eventually needs to find a home somewhere. Stashing it all out of the way has its advantages, but of course, when it’s time to charge the cell phone, move new music to the MP3 player or pull pictures of the camera, there’s always a new search for the golden cord.

The Italian designers Dante Donegi and Giovanni Lauda have devised an elegant and somewhat unlikely solution to this cable quagmire. It’s a box… in a way. But it’s also a lamp. And an alarm clock. And a calendar. And an outlet extension.

Rotaliana MultiBook
The Rotaliana MultiBook looks like a book, but it’s something much more

More precisely, it’s the Rotaliana MultiBook. Think of it as a high-tech version of the hollowed out books of yore that were used to stash things away. Except instead of contraband, this box hides electronics – and it won’t be fooling anyone into thinking it’s just a book. Even when it’s off, the Multibook has a tell-tale cable dangling out of it, giving away its ulterior purpose.

Opening the front “cover” reveals a hollow interior and power strip, which is how the book derives its knack for storing chargers. While they’re squirreled away in the box, out of sight, they can also be plugged in and charging their associated cell phones, MP3 players, or other associated gadgetry. Just plug in the in the book, plug in the chargers, plug in the devices, and you’re good to go, without the eyesore of a rat’s nest strewn across a desk.

Rotaliana MultiBook
Use the MultiBook to store your cluttered cables

Since chargers often end up by bed stands where they can refuel devices overnight, the MultiBook also takes over the function of some other bed stand devices. A band of 74 white LEDs ring the book along its three “page” sides, allowing it to function as a lamp. Along the book’s spine where a title would go, a standard red LED display gives the time and date. And on the front cover, an illuminated slot provides a spot for a favorite photo or other personal label.

Rotaliana MultiBook
The MultiBook is also a lamp and an alarm clock

The MultiBook certainly isn’t the be-all end-all of electronics storage. It wasn’t designed to hold every charger and cable you own, and a true geek would be able to fill it up in no time. But for a few commonly used chargers, it should function just fine. However, Americans, be forewarned: the MultiBook’s outlets aren’t what you’re used to. It has two-prong Europlugs, Italian plugs and German plugs, so adapters may be needed to make it function properly. But hey, at least they’ll be out of sight.

Buyers can select from black, white lacquer red and blue finishes. Some versions come decorated with “ars illuminandi,” the ornate illustrations found in medieval texts. Currently, the MultiBook is only available through Rotaliana dealers, and retails for around $TBA. You can find out more on the Rotaliana Multibook from the manufacturers website.

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