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James Bond-inspired rubber band gun is best way to annoy your co-workers

As ways to make an honest living are concerned, designing, building and selling rubber band-firing wooden guns on the internet is a pretty darn good one.

That is the niche 27-year-old Brent EuDaly has (no pun intended) carved out for himself. As the founder of Elastic Precision, he’s managed to take a fun idea and turn it into a fully-fledged business.

“I was at college, studying wood technology,” EuDaly told Digital Trends. “One year I was coming home for the winter break and I needed Christmas gifts. I wanted to get Nerf guns, but I was a dirt poor student. I had no money, so I decided to build some rubber band guns. They were a big hit, and a few years later when I was looking for a business to take to market, I thought that this would be perfect.”

At present, Elastic Precision offers three different rubber band guns. There is the 1960s James Bond-inspired Model PPK, which fires five bands up to 20 feet. There’s also a Model 1911 rubber band gun, which semi-automatically fires six bands and boasts the ability to reload faster than any other rubber band gun on the market. Then there is the MP5 Machine Gun model, capable of spraying out 24 bands at a range of 30 feet.

They are available in a range of different woods, but all guaranteed to infuriate any troublesome co-workers (Rick Stella, I’m looking at you!) who get on your wrong side.

“My favorite model is the 1911 handgun,” EuDaly continued. “It’s the most fun to shoot. The machine gun has more power, but it takes a little bit longer to load. The 1911 shoots beautifully, packs a bit of a punch, and there’s something very pleasing about the fact that it’s a full-size replica of the most iconic classic handgun in history. You can even take the grips off and swap them out with a real gun.”

Now all you need are some rubber bands, and a few minutes practicing your best Clint Eastwood grimace in the mirror!

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