Samsung announces E-commerce enabled smart refrigerator in Korea

samsung announces e commerce enabled smart refrigerator in korea

Technology is exciting and makes us happy for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest advantages of new technology is convenience. Convenience makes our lives easier by simplifying tasks that we don’t necessarily want to spend a lot of time on. Smartphones have made our lives a lot easier with apps for just about everything, but what if you could do your grocery shopping directly from your fridge? Well, if you hate going to the grocery store, Samsung has just announced a refrigerator that you’ll want to put on your wish list.

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The new E-commerce enabled refrigerator joins Samsung’s high-tech line of home appliances with all the usual bells and whistles that go along with a refrigerator, plus one extra-special feature. Samsung has partnered with E-Mart to offer users access to over 22,000 products sold by E-Mart directly from the built-in LCD screen on the front of their refrigerator. The screen will let users choose their preferred items and select a date for delivery. Sounds more efficient than that magnetic list pad that’s on your fridge now, right? The high-tech fridge should be available in the market later this month. No word yet on how much this thing will cost or when or if it will be available anywhere other than Korea, but it certainly makes us excited about the possibilities of future technology in the kitchen.

Would you use a grocery delivery service that was built into your fridge?