Secret Passageway Switch is the first step toward building your own Batcave

secret passageway switch is the first step toward building your own batcaveIt might be a while before you’re able to complete your secret lair, but you can take the first step toward building it with the Secret Passageway Switch.

Available via Vespoe, the switch turns a hardcover book into a switch that can open a secret door to your subterranean headquarters… or simply turn on a lamp. Basically, it can control anything with a standard plug, so the possibilities are endless. (Want a coffee? Here, let me flip this secret coffee-maker switch!)

Okay, so maybe the possibilities aren’t exactly endless… but it’s still a fun little gadget.

Just imagine having all of the appliances in your house operated by cleverly corresponding novels. It would drive people insane.

The Secret Passageway Switch sells for $50, but can you really put a price on that level of diabolical amusement?