See What You Print touch screen printer

With a simple and intuitive interface similar to any Apple touch screen device, the See What You Print (SWYP) touch screen printer offers a truly innovative and user-friendly experience. The SWYP provides various standard printing features as well as customizable start screen, with ‘scan stack’, ‘scan to Photoshop’ and one click navigation to photos stored on a wireless network.

Printing pictures is as easy as dragging an image to the active print area on the touch screen where margins, scaling, cropping, and color conditions all automatically calibrate to the printer settings. Smartphone users will be especially familiar with the screens response to intuitive gestures like rotating, pulling, and pinching in order to manipulate images to the desired size and shape. The touchscreen printer even allows for basic image editing.

Low on ink? Selecting the ink icon at the top of the screen exposes the inside of the printers, revealing current ink levels, paper type and other information.

With the world moving more and more towards hand-gestured/touch interfaces, it’s nice to see more devices emerge that further refine this trend in technology.