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Sennheiser Intros New Mobile Headphones

Sennheiser has introdued its new Style line, three new sets of lightweight headphones aimed at the mobile music market, combining style- and activity-friendly designs with Sennheiser’s recognized audio quality. All three set utilize Sennheiser’s latest miniaturized speaker drivers and tuned damping system designed for ear-canal operation to offer both both smooth and clear audi reproduction.

First up is the MX 90, which features a new “Twist-to-Fit” earbud system: the earbuds snuggle into the ear canal, while a stabilizing pad rests against the inside curve of the outer ear. The wearer simply twists the earpieces (gently!) to find the position which is both comfortable and secure. The MX 90 Style comes with an inline volume control (so you don’t have to fiddle for your portable player’s controls while on the go), a carrying case, two sizes of ear adapter, and three sizes of Twist-to-Fit pads. Suggested retail price: $.69.95

The OMX 90 headphones use a clip-on design, with individually adjustable behind-the-ear clips holding the drivers over the ear canal. As with the MX 90s, the unit offers an inline volume control, two sizes of ear adapters, and a carrying case. Suggested retail price: $89.95.

Finally, the LX 90 uses a lightweight, self-coiling neckband to hold the drivers in place over the ear canal. The LX 90s ship with a carrying case and two sizes of ear adapters. Suggested retail price: $79.95.

Specs aren’t available yet from Sennheiser’s site, but as with all headphones, be careful of your listening levels. The drivers in many headphone units available today are capable of putting out frequencies capable of damaging human hearing in a fairly short period of time, and the headphone amps built into even low-end music players these days can put out enough signal to pump music and other audio to dangerously high levels. Remember: if someone asks “Can you hear me now?” you do want to be able to say “Yes, you dink!” in ten years’ time.

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