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Settlement Scratches 1st-Gen iPod nano Itch

Way back in 2005, some buyers of Apple’s first-generation iPod nano portable music players filed a class action lawsuit against the Cupertino company, alleging the screens of the diminutive music players scratched too easily during normal use. Turns out, many of those first-generation nanos lacked a protective clear coating on the screen, meaning they did get dinged up quicker than one might expect. Now, over three years later, Apple has agreed to a settlement over the scratched iPod nano screens, and affected owners can enter their serial numbers to be eligible to receive $25 in compensation…or $15 if they already received a free protective case from Apple.

Not all first-generation iPod nano’s were uncoated; to determine eligibility, owners will need to enter their serial numbers. To be eligible for a settlement payment, users must have purchased the iPod nano for personal use and experienced scratches that inferred with their use or enjoyment of the product.

Claims must be filed by June 10, 2009.

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