Shure Rolls Out Noise-Isolating Headsets

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Audio gear maker Shure has rolled out a selection of new noise-isolated headphones designed to be used with today’s smartphones, offering both a noise-isolating experience for music and video as well as an inline microphone for phone calls and other communications needs. And the lineup spans the price gamut, ranging from $99 for the new SE102MPA to a whopping $519.99 for the SE530MPA.

“Smartphones are the new ‘it’ devices because users no longer have to abandon who they are to benefit from smartphone technology,” said Shure’s executive director of global marketing, in a statement. “With Apple offering the first true medium, audiences from casual users to musicphiles, moviephiles, and constantly-connected business users can get it all from one device. They want the same from accessories— one high-performance, bundled accessory that maximizes everything their device offers—and this is exactly what Shure is delivering with its new bundled headset line.”

All the new headsets feature Shure’s Music Phone Adapter (MPA), which enables users to connect the SE-series headphones to a wide range of devices; users can also disconnect the MPA to get a pure headphone experience. The SE102MPA features “professional grade” microspeakers, a low-profile VoicePort microphone, different-sized sound-isolating sleeves that block outside noise, and a zipper-free drawstring pouch for portability.

We’re not sure even the most aggressive audiophiles will want to spend over $500 for earbuds, but Shure’s more moderately-prices offerings may find some converts among folks who want something better than the default headsets that ship with most smartphones—assuming they ship with any headset at all.