Sleek Audio SA1 Earphones Offer Wireless and Tuning Options

Sleek Audio has just introduced its new SA1 Tunable and Wireless Compatible Earphones, which can be used either as standard wired headphones or wirelessly via Sleek Audio’s Kleer system…and expand on the tuning options available in the company’s SA6 headphones by offering two treble port options that can be screwed into the earphones in front of the 6mm driver to customize the sound output to individual taste. The earphones also sport a rosewood body and a variety of sizing flanges for a comfortable fit.

Sleek Audio SA1 earphones

“Our number one priority is developing amazing sounding earphones that offer more to music lovers in terms of performance, style, and comfort,” said Sleek Audio COO Jason Krywko, in a statement. “The SA1 does just that, and was developed specifically to allow more people to enjoy our award winning products than ever before.”

The SA1s feature a 6mm driver that the company claims delivers substantial bass response, but the headphones also come with two screw-in treble port options that can further tune the sound of the headphones to a user’s individual preferences. If someone, say, primarily listens to audiobooks, they might need a very different headphone than a someone who wants to (figuratively) rattle nearby windows with deep house bass.

The SA1s also feature detachable cables (so cables can be replaces without buying new headphones: custom color cables will be available in 2010). Users can also pair the SA1 earphones with Sleek Audio’s Kleer wireless system for cord-free use.

The SA1s are available now at a suggested price of $79.99.