Sock it to me: module power strip lets you piece together your plugs as needed

You’ve probably dealt with it time and time again. In the process of reducing clutter and managing the many devices you have suckling at your wall outlet, or in many cases your power strip, you end up not using one because either it takes up too much space, losing that precious spot altogether, or you don’t have any outlets left, creating a mess of wires and plugs in the process.

That could be a thing of the past now thanks to the Socket Like Brick by designer Chin-Yao Chen. The modular sockets come piece by piece with various sizes to accommodate different sized plugs. You can safely add or remove module sockets to effectively managing the many electronic devices littering your home or office. Of course it would be important for individuals not not get carried away with the amount of modules strung together, but until we are rid of wires and wall outlets for good, we think this is a nice forward-thinking design.

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