Sonnet iPod Batteries Get It Up 75% Longer

Sonnet Technologies, a maker of upgrades for Macs and iPods, today announced a new line of high capacity replacement batteries for everybody’s favorite MP3 player. These batteries are available formost iPod models and range in price from $29.95 to $39.95.   Sonnet’s iPod replacement batteries, the company said,exceed Apple’s original iPod battery specifications by up to 75 percent for the first two generations of the player. This translates into over 20 hours of play time. Other iPod models which havereplacement batteries offered include the third and fourth generation units as well as the mini. As part of the battery package, Sonnet is also including all the required tools, as well as detailedinstallation instruction videos (in English, French, German, and Japanese).   “A video is worth a hundred illustrations,” says Robert Farnsworth, Sonnet CEO, of the included video installationinstructions on a CD-ROM. “While opening an iPod isn’t something everyone will attempt, the high quality instructional videos guide the user in an easy-to-follow procedure.”   [story via Gizmodo]

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