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Sonos Digital Music System Preview

The Sonos Digital Music System by Sonos is designed to bring your digital music files from your PC or Mac to other areas of your home. At the heart of the Sonos system are two components which interact together to provide a wireless entertainment experience no matter what room you may be in.

The Digital Music Network

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Ian Bell
I work with the best people in the world and get paid to play with gadgets. What's not to like?
Collapse OS is an open-source operating system for a post-apocalyptic future
collapse os after societys inside seelampur  india s largest e waste scrapyard

Wondering what kind of operating system you would use in a post-apocalyptic world after the collapse of society might sound like kind of a low priority. But that’s because you’re not actually in the situation and don't have to worry about how humankind can make a go of it in Earth’s darkest hour yet. This is where Collapse OS, a new Z80 processor-based open-source operating system being developed by software developer Virgil Dupras, comes into play.

“I expect our global supply chain to collapse before we reach 2030,” Dupras wrote on his website. “With this collapse, we won't be able to produce most of our electronics because it depends on a very complex supply chain that we won't be able to achieve again for decades (ever?).”

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How Endel and Toro y Moi are shaping the future of music and digital wellness
toro y moi and endel talk the future of music digital wellness toroymoi getty

Most of us have wanted to create music at some point or another in our lives. Endel CEO, Oleg Stavitsky, thought the same thing, but with a twist. 

What if your heart rate, the weather, and even the type of day you’ve had could generate completely unique music for you, with the expressed intent of remedying that which ails you? Had a stressful day at work and need to relax? Tell Alexa you’re home, then sit back as your Apple Watch begins measuring your heart rate, your schedule is surveyed, and the lights and thermostat are adjusted accordingly. All you have to do is relax and zone out as a unique soundscape fills the space around you, adjusting in real-time to what your body is doing.

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A.I. musicians are a growing trend. What does that mean for the music industry?
auxuman ai album yona twitter

The most prolific musical artists manage to release one, maybe two, studio albums in a year. Rappers can sometimes put out three or four mixtapes during that same time. However, Auxuman plans to put out a new full-length album, featuring hot up-and-coming artists like Yona, Mony, Gemini, Hexe, and Zoya, every single month. How? The power of artificial intelligence of course.

Before this goes any further, don’t worry: You’re not hopelessly out of touch with today’s pop music. Yona, Mony, Gemini, and the rest of the bunch aren’t real musicians. Well, at least not in the sense that you could meet them and shake their hands. They’re A.I. personalities, each with their own characters and genres, which have been created by Auxuman, an artificial intelligence startup based in London.

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