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Sony dash Personal Internet View Tunes into Netflix

Sony’s forthcoming dash “personal Internet view” got its debut at CES, but didn’t raise a tremendous number of eyebrows: although the device features a 7-inch touchscreen display, built-in WiFi, and is designed for convenient use in places like countertops and nightstands, rather than offering a true OS and an application ecosystem to drive it, the dash relied on a series of custom widgets: if the widget did what you wanted, great, but if you wanted something else, tough luck.

Sony Dash

Now Sony is upping the ante on those built-in widgets, announcing today that the dash will feature a dedicated application for Netflix, enabling Netflix subscribers to tap into thousands of movies and TV shows that can be streamed to them over their existing home broadband connection. In addition, Sony says Demand Media offerings eHow, Golflink, and will be available as part of the dash’s content lineup. The Netflix and Demand Media offerings supplement content that will be available via Sony’s Bravia Internet video platform and a content channel from chumby industries.

“We’re continuing to develop innovative products that bring online music, news, video, and more into our customers’ homes in real time,” said Sony Electronics senior VP for personal imaging and audio Brennan Mullin, in a statement. “By adding content from Netflix and Demand Media to our dash product, Sony is giving consumers a new, convenient way to enjoy some of the highest quality entertainment and most useful information available on the Internet today.”

Sony says the dash will be available in April for a suggested price of $199. As with other devices capable of tapping into Netflix streaming, a separate Netflix subscription is required.

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