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Sony Ericsson’s P990 Gets LocationFree

Owners of Sony Ericsson’s P990 smartphone—at least, owners in Europe—can now tap into their home television and video libraries, served to them over broadband Internet using Sony’s LocationFree place-shifting technology. Users can watch live television from their homes from anywhere in their world they can get broadband Internet access with their P990s, as well as recorded programming and DVD media—assuming your gear is already set up and ready to play.

“LocationFree completely removes the constraints of having to be at home to enjoy your favorite programs,” says Steve Walker, Sony Ericsson’s VP of Product Marketing, in a release. “The P990 with its large 2.8-inch touchscreen is the perfect device for this. It is a high performance smartphone that gives a really great viewing experience, coupled with high-speed connectivity. If you love television and spend a lot of time traveling or generally out and about, then LocationFree on your P990 is a must.”

With LocationFree, Sony is going up against place-shifting upstart Sling Media, who offers both UIQ and S60 version of its SlingPlayer Mobile for Symbian smartphones. So far, Sony is only supporting UIQ for the UMTS/3G/Wi-Fi capable P990, which keeps the smartphone’s capabilities more tightly locked to the Sony’s product line.

“Keeping up with your favorite TV shows is just the start,” Walker continued. “There are many more uses for LocationFree on your P990 as it will transmit content from any number of devices that are linked up to the Base Station. For example with a video camera or video recorder connected you can use your P990 to see friends and family while you’re away, or even keep a check on home security.”

Sony Ericsson says the LocationFree software client is on the Memory Stick included with the P990, or can be downloaded for free from Sony Ericsson support. And if you’re in the U.S. wondering why all these toys aren’t in your hands already…the LocationFree Base Stations, which serve as the access and transmission point for video on your home network, currently only ship in Europe.

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