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Speakal miSoccer Puts Some Kick Into iPod Speakers

Novelty iPod docking stations might seen so 2006, but Speakal is betting there’s a footballer or two in the world who could use a soccer-themed iPod docking station to better express themselves and their love for sport. Enter the Speakal miSoccer iPod Docking Station Speaker, a new docking solution that not only charges any recent iPod, iPhone, or iPod touch, but also sports two main speaker drivers and a 15-watt subwoofer—plus it looks like a soccer ball. And it’s available in red, blue, and black!

Speakal miSoccer (all colors)

“As The World Cup Championship nears—the world’s largest sporting event for Soccer players and fans—Speakal is thrilled to present the miSoccer to its Music and sports fans,” said Speakal CEO David Solomon, in a statement. “Our goal is to introduce innovative and quality audio products that relate to one’s lifestyle and that express who we are and what we like.”

The miSoccer features a spherical design that lets the unit push sound in a 360-degree pattern using two multi-way speaker drivers and a 15-watt subwoofer to bring out the bass. Users can control volume and tracks using touch controls on the unit itself or a remote control, and the miSoccer is compatible with iPod Classic (3G, 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G), the iPod nano, the iPod Touch, and the iPod Mini; it also features a 3.5mm input jack for connecting up other audio sources.

The miSoccer is available now from Speakal for $119.99.

Speakal miSoccer (red, with remote)

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