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Stream from nano to Stereo with TuneStage

Belkin today announced its TuneStage for iPod nano, which enabled users to stream music from their favorite diminutive Apple music player to home stereos, car audio systems, or even headsets using Bluetooth 1.2 wireless networking technology.

TuneStage for iPod nano consist of a transmitter connected to the nano and a receiver connected to the destination system using RCA or 3.5 mm outputs, essentially turning the iPod nano into a remote control for a separate audio system. Belkin says the effective range of the TuneStage product is about 33 feet, and it draws power from the iPod nano, so no separate batteries are required. Belkin says a fully-charged iPod nano should offer about 6 hours of play time, however, the transmitter also offers a mini-USB port for charging the nano while in use.

TuneStage for iPod nano should ship in North America in July with an estimated price of $179.99.

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