TomTom XXL GPS Units Feature 5-Inch Displays

TomTom XXl 530S and XXL 540S GPS units

GPS maker TomTom has just unveiled its new XXL 530X and XX540S GPS navigation units, featuring full maps of the U.S. and Canada, TomTom’s exclusive IQ Routes for finding the quickest and best routes based on historical traffic data—and now, 5-inch widescreen displays so you can practically follow the GPS’s route from the car behind one of these units.

“The new TomTom XXL devices enrich our product portfolio by providing our customers with new offerings that cater to individual preference and need, like the larger, easy-to-read screen” said TomTom president Jocelyn Vigreux, in a statement. “The introduction of the XXL range is in line with our strategy to increase the depth and breadth of our product offerings, based on customer feedback.”

Both units include full maps of the United States and Canada, and TomTom’s IQ Routes, which uses historical traffic data to assist route planning: TomTom says 35 percent of the time, IQ Routes is able to find a faster and more efficient route to a destination over traditional routing solutions. The XXL 540S adds to the equation by including maps of Mexico, a database of seven million points of interest, and realistic representations of highway exchanges so users can get in the correct lane to make a complicated merge or exit.

Both units should be on sale in October, with the XXL 530S carrying a suggested price of $279.95, and the XXL 540S going to $299.95.

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