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Toshiba gigabeat 30 and 60 GB PMPs On Sale

Toshiba has finally rolled out 30 GB and 60 GB versions of its gigabeat portable music players (PMPs) to retailers, at $299.99 for the 30 GB version and $100 more for the 60 GB edition. The gigabeat is based on Windows Mobile and is a PlaysForSure-compatible, hard drive-driven portable music and video player supporting Windows Media 9 audio and video content, WAV and MP3 audio, JPEG images, and Windows Media Video using headphones, a built-in 2.4-inch QVGA (320 by 240) screen, and offering USB 2.0 connectivity. Available in black and white (just like another popular portable media player) the Toshiba gigabeat also offers promotional deals with four digital content providers

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