Turn hyper kids into power generators with this energy-storing jump rope

turn hyper kids power generators energy storing jump rope jumprope

If you have kids, there’s inevitably been a few moments in your life where you’ve found yourself exhausted, slumped over, and completely defeated as your hyperactive children run laps around you. Kids just seem to have endless amounts of energy.

Well what if you could harness some of that energy and use it for something else? If humanity could somehow tap into the kinetic power reserves of all the rambunctious kids on the planet, the world’s energy problems might be solved overnight.

Uncharted Play, the company behind the revolutionary power-generating SOCCKET soccer ball, has devised yet another brilliant way to make kid-power a legitimate source of renewable energy – and it’s much more humane than chaining junior inside a giant hamster wheel.

PULSE is a high-tech jump rope that harnesses kinetic energy from your children’s motion, and converts it into usable electricity. As the kiddos delight in their games of double dutch, and giddily whip the rope round and round each other, it spins a tiny dynamo-like generator inside the handle to create and store power. According to Uncharted Play, just 15 minutes of play generates enough energy to power small electronics like flashlights, cellphones, and tablets.

These first 100 PULSE jump ropes are available from Uncharted Play for $129 apiece. While that might sound a bit steep for a jump rope, it’s worth noting that each purchase supports the organization’s mission by helping to expand the reach of its renewable power initiatives and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education curriculum. Over time, and as production expands, Uncharted hopes to be able to bring down the cost of the jump ropes so that they’re more affordable for people in the developing world.

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